About Ticket Purse

Ticket Purse has been designed and built by Steve Morgan, a Project Manager by trade but keen Developer in his spare time. With over 10 years of experience in various industries, specialising in hospitality, he identified the need for a low-cost, yet complete ticketing solution. The project's aim is to produce a quality, multi-tiered, secure, low-cost Ticketing Solution.

A live demo is available for you to evaluate the system. Ticket Purse has been carefully designed with a website front end, providing the ability to drop booking controls onto your own and third parties websites to drive sales.

More About Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan is available for consultancy and development work as a contractor - Ticket Purse is fully adaptable and can be bespoked to specific needs.

Key Skills

  • Over 10 years of IT experience
  • PHP Zend Qualified Developer
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner with years of PM experience
  • Business Analyst Experience
  • Live availability and IT project scaling experience

Steve's full portfolio and CV is available here


Demo Booking Form

Below is a sample booking form - why not create a booking and then sign into the back office system and review and process it to see how Ticket Purse works!

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